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If you want to spice up the night with Caprioskas, Martinis and Mojitos to name a few. We also concoct exciting variations of the traditional cocktails. There’s no recipe too difficult or ingredient unchecked when it comes to designing and creating the right cocktail for you.

Simple or complex, sweet or sour, classic or contemporary – whatever your taste buds desire our trained staff can create drinks for you.

Menu Design

Menu design and creation is undoubtedly our favourite part of the job. We respond to a design brief by bringing together a list of creative and innovative cocktail options that will work within the theme and design of your event.

From basic colour matching to scent and flavour matching, we have even made drinks to compliment a famous brand of scented candles. This is where we dare you to challenge us!

Molecular Mixology
Molecular Mixology
Molecular Mixology

Molecular Mixologists

If you want to give your party the extra wow factor, then try adding a touch of Heston to your drinks. Our Molecular Mixologists can create drinks to your taste, then add a 'molecular twist' to surprise you and your guests. This includes:
  • Flavoured airs
  • Foams
  • Fruit spheres
  • Dry ice.
We also offer Molecular Stations for an even bigger impact - these can be fantastic show-stoppers and can even be interactive. For more info on these please get in touch with our Mixology team.

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