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PROBar Events is able to supply bar backs, bar tenders, mixologists and bar managers for your events.
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Cocktail Bartenders & Mixologist

These guys have a great knowledge of bar requirements and a full understanding of all classic cocktails. They will ensure that no matter who is serving all the cocktails will be made to the same high standard. Nobody wants to wait too long for their drinks, so all our cocktail bartenders aim to deliver the drinks as fast as possible whilst maintaining that high quality factor.

They can create and serve the prefect mix of drink every time, with experience of more than a few years of setting up and clearing down, they are good at stocking the bar, operating under pressure and keeping the bar clear and tidy. They also have a good pallet for menu tasting and can tender a drink to someone’s specific tastes.

Bartender Hire

These guys have a good operational know-how of event bar service. Our bartenders adhere specifically to the client’s needs, they are skilled professionals who are motivated to provide an impressive service. With at least three years experience under their belts, all our bartenders have also undergone an induction and full training with Pro bar events.

They will load the bar equipment and stock in and out, they will build the bar and set up, they will keep the bar fully operational, whilst also monitoring stock levels and of course they will keep the bar clear and tidy at all times. Once the bar is closed they will expedite the pack down and assist in loading out equipment.

Wine Waiting Staff

These guys have a good knowledge of the drinks they serve. They will assist in pouring and serving reception drinks and will assist in wine waiting during the event, they can also be used to help with dinner service when needed.

Bar Manager

These guys are team leaders, have worked on over 800 events, they have knowledge of all the bars, drinks and venues in London and have worked in all the Royal palaces. They will ensure the events run as professionally as possible with managing the quantity and quality of the bar, drink and bartenders.

They can count all the stock in and out also the hire equipment and work out the consumption. They can also do site management and run a large bar and large team of bartenders. They are best utilised on huge events with complicated load in/outs, dealing with multiple hire companies etc.

Flair Bartender

These guys are masters of bar entertainment, they are great for putting a smile on the face of clientele or audiences with the manipulation of bar tools. While mixing a drink, a flair bartender will be juggling, flipping and spinning flaming liquors or even performing closeup magic tricks.

Flair bartenders are specially trained in entertaining guests with dazzling tricks where they flip, spin and catch the bottles in the most mindboggling manner, making the cocktails with an artistic flair.

Emergency Bar Staff Hire

We understand that there are occasions where you need to hire bar staff ASAP. Rest assured that PRO Bar has you covered.

Personal Bartender

Your own personal bartender, anywhere you like. Whenever required, the personal bartender will travel with you to any destination of your choice and will provide the drink of your choice in all situations. Our personal bartenders can provide a 24 hour service and even attend events over a few days if needed. Our staff hold a wide range of knowledge to ensure your guests are satisfied.

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